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How can I limit my playing activity at Wheelz?

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You can manage your own playing behaviour at Wheelz Casino with the help of the following Limits, which all act on automatic triggers you set.

  • Time limit: Time limits automatically log you out of your Wheelz account once a pre-defined timeframe is reached.
  • Net loss limit: With this limit you restrict the amount you are able to lose over a set period of time. Once the limit is reached, your will be prevented from placing any further wagers at Wheelz until a specified timeframe has elapsed.
  • Deposit limit: Enable this option to limit the amount of money you can deposit into your account. Once this limit is reached, Wheelz will no longer accept deposits from you until a pre-specified time period is up.
  • Wagering limit: This limit prevents you from wagering above certain a level at Wheelz.
  • Timeout: Activate this limit to place a temporary freeze on your account. Timeouts are either self-imposed, or triggered upon various account actions. Whenever Timeouts are in place, you will be unable to log into your Wheelz account. See our Terms and Conditions for more.

  • Indefinite Self-Exclusion: This limit is available to players at all times. Once an Indefinite Self-Exclusion has been activated, you will lose all access to your account, and will only be able to log back in by contacting Wheelz support. There is also a minimum waiting period of 7 days from the point of your reversal until your account can be reinstated at the very earliest.

Self-Exclusions can be enabled in the Limits section of your account.

If you’d like more info about problem gambling and the Limits available to you, please consult our dedicated Responsible Gaming page.

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