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What should I do if a technical error occurs on the website?

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At Wheelz, the results of every game round are stored in a database even before the game’s animation completes. If an error occurs due to a lost connection in the middle of a game round, rest assured that your data was saved. For most slots, the eventual result of the spin that was interrupted and the winnings, if any, will be paid into your account. For games such as blackjack, the hand will play out as if the player stepped away from a table - hands will timeout with no action taken.

If a game developer has problems on their end, an error message should appear stating those details when the game launches. We apologise for any inconvenience. Wheelz cannot resolve technical issues with individual game providers. With that said, such interruptions rarely occur.

For any errors that you cannot resolve with a reload or restart, we kindly request that you contact Customer Support and provide them with as much detail as possible. Information that will help us identify and expedite your issue include:

  • Game name (if applicable)
  • Time of incident (as close as possible)
  • Wager amount (if known and applicable)
  • Description of incident

It always helps if you can provide a screenshot of the event. To capture a screenshot, perform the following keyboard actions:

  • Windows: Win+PrtScn
  • MacOS: Shift+Command+3
  • Mobile Devices: This varies by device. See your device manufacturer for details.

Email all information, including screenshots if taken, to [email protected].

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