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Return-to-Player (RTP)

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Return-to-Player (RTP) is a figure mandated by the gaming regulators which instructs Caxino to return a certain percentage of the average wager to players as winnings.

Most games, especially online slots and card games, have a fixed RTP. Some games may fall within an RTP range depending upon certain factors, like whether the player has activated an optional bonus bet. A game’s RTP details can be found in its own pages, or via the information section covering all games.

Per the Malta Gaming Authority, the regulator which oversees Caxino Casino, the minimum RTP is 92%. With that said, most games have an RTP of between 95%-97%. Table games like blackjack have RTPs approaching 99%.

RTP represents merely an average of returns to the player. This does not mean that every time you play slots you will receive a 92%+ return on your winnings. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose, and sometimes you will break even. That’s the nature of online casino games. For example, if Customer A wins €194 from €100, while Customer B loses €100 in wagers, the average RTP in this case is 97% (194/200=0.97).

Please note that some of the high RTP games, including all table games, require a larger wagering requirement to convert bonus money to real funds in order to ensure fairness for all involved. For full details, visit the Caxino Bonus Terms

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