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Classic Slots

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Online slots that mirror the look and feel of traditional land-based slot machines are often referred to as Classic Slots.

These types of games are notable by their limited number of paylines, the patterns on a slot game where winning combinations are made. While many Classic Slots have a few paylines, games with a single payline do exist and are popular with customers that prefer the old-fashioned style of play. Unlike the feature-packed late-generation online slots, Classic Slots seldom feature a bonus game and the ones that do exist tend to be modest, feature-thin supplements.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. Classic Slots with features like respins harness technology to provide hybrid games that have the look and feel of a bygone era, while offering modern slot features that even old-school players are sure to love. In that sense, these games can serve as a convenient bridge for players comfortable with Classic Slots, but who would like to explore the variety available in 2020 and beyond.

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