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A pair of bingo games are available to play at Caxino - Bugs Party and Flying Pigs. Essentially, these games follow the basic logic of standard bingo games where you must fill a pattern to win, but the similarities stop there.

Bingo games at online casinos have special features that simply aren’t available at conventional bingo halls.

  • First off, the number of patters is greater allowing for more chances to win and providing special win multipliers for certain patterns.

  • Secondly, certain patters can trigger a special bonus game, something typically found in non-bingo online slots. This sort of feature is only possible in an electronic format.

  • Lastly, and the biggest difference between conventional and online casino bingo, is the “buy extra balls” option included in these games. After the first 30 balls drop, the you are able to purchase additional balls for a fee. The cost of an additional ball is based on the current configuration of your current bingo card. If you are one ball away from reaching bingo, an additional ball will cost far more than if you needed five additional balls to complete bingo. This extra ball feature is almost a game inside a game, as you must decide on the risk vs. reward when choosing to proceed or not.

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